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About Granny’s in the Kitchen – Meet Our Team

Granny’s in the Kitchen is a food blog dedicated to preserving and sharing classic family recipes from one generation to the next. Here you’ll find old fashioned desserts, dinners, salads, holiday recipes, and more!

four generations of women
Four Generations: Granny, Sara, Memere, Stacey

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You know those recipes that your Grandma or Mom made when you were growing up? The ones that you looked forward to at every holiday dinner? The ones that seemed so simple, but tasted perfect every time?

Yep, us too!

Granny’s in the Kitchen is a tribute to my Granny and my Grandma (Stacey) and my Mom and grandmothers (Sara) —  it is in their kitchens where so many of our favorite memories were made.

Whether it was baking Christmas cookies together every Christmas at Grandma’s house or sitting down for one of Granny’s famous “leftover lunches,” these are the recipes inspired by my grandmothers and grandmothers everywhere.

I hope that on our little corner of the web you’ll find the perfect dish for the occasion and perhaps happy memories too!

— Stacey

I’ve always loved traditional recipes. In my family, we pass down recipes for generations and make them for special occasions and holidays. My grandmothers are gone now but I love finding some of their favorite recipes and cooking them.

My own mom is 88 now and she is the inspiration for many of the recipes here. She cooked dinner every night for over 60 years! As a widow, she doesn’t cook as much but we are making sure her wonderful recipes are remembered!

Now that my daughter Stacey is raising her own family and a new generation is sitting around the old family table enjoying these traditional recipes from our family.


About Granny’s in the Kitchen

Granny’s in the Kitchen is a collection of classic recipes, “vintage recipes”, family recipes — the dishes and recipes handed down from one generation to the next. Here is a rundown of the contributors.

Meet Granny

Granny is the mom of Sara and the grandmother of Stacey. She is Granny to eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. She has been cooking and baking for almost 70 years! At 88, she is active in her community and in her family.

She has been a huge help in reconstructing these recipes! Often I had just a list of ingredients or had completely lost the recipe and she was able to come to the rescue by finding the recipe or walking me through them.


Memere was Granny’s mom and my great grandmother. She was definitely an influence on how some of these recipes were made and for some of the special touches.


Grandmother was Sara’s dad’s mother and we called her grandmother. She was a great cook and had a big collection of recipes! She added notes to the recipes that really helps in recreating them.

Grandma Garska

Grandma Garska is Stacey’s paternal grandmother. She raised 7 kids, so she definitely knew how to feed a crowd! Grandma’s house was a gathering place for the holidays and her memory lives on in those moments.

Grandma Lucy

Lucy is Stacey’s mother-in-law and grandmother to the next generation of women in our family. She is known for her holiday desserts — they are always requested by family and friends alike!