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10 Unique Canned Tuna Recipes

You’ve never had canned tuna like this before! Transform a humble pantry staple into a gourmet meal with these exciting canned tuna recipes – all ready in 30 minutes or less!

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What Can You Make With Canned Tuna?

My Granny is famous for creating delicious meals from leftovers and pantry staples. She can make a meal out of anything!

Canned tuna isn’t known for being exciting or necessarily for being the primary ingredient of a dinner recipe. But don’t sleep on this humble pantry staple!

With a can (or two) of tuna, you can whip up a complete meal using whatever else you happen to have on hand.

Got bread? You can make the best tuna sandwich you’ve ever tasted…just like Granny used to make!

Have fresh veggies from the garden? Make stuffed tomatoes or lettuce wraps!

But that’s not all…

Believe it or not, with canned tuna you can make exciting new dishes like burgers or even stir-fry!

If you have a few cans of tuna sitting on the shelf, now is the time to open them up and let them be the star of the show!

Make dinner tonight or any day of the week a breeze! Once you realize how easy it is to use canned tuna, you’ll be researching new recipes to make from now on!

And once you do, be sure to come back and share them with us so that we can try them out as well! Sharing is caring when it comes to delicious homemade recipes!

Who knew that canned tuna could be so versatile?

When Was Canned Tuna Invented?

The first commercially produced canned tuna was invented in 1904 by Albert P. Halfhill, a sardine fisherman and co-founder of the Southern California Fish Company. The company had a surplus of empty sardine cans, so Halfhill decided to try packing albacore tuna in them. This novel canned tuna became so popular in the United States that the domestic supply of albacore was quickly exhausted.

By the 1930s, canned tuna was a staple in American households and it is still a common pantry item today.

10 Canned Tuna Recipes

These are some of the easiest, most unique, and most delicious recipes using canned tuna! They all take about 30 minutes or less to prepare, so you can get dinner on the table fast.

If you’re looking for a few simple canned tuna recipes, don’t miss these tasty menu items! They’re perfect for cooking up tuna in new and delicious ways! If you want to try cooking tuna, check out these simple recipes!

To view recipe, tap the recipe title or the photo for each dish to open the full instructions in a new window.

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Classic Tuna Casserole Recipe – Just when you thought that you couldn’t love tuna anymore, along comes this classic casserole recipe that is perfect for feeding the family. This tuna noodle casserole was one of my mom’s go-to dinners for busy weeknights, so much so that we kids got tired of it! Now that I’m a grown-up, this tuna casserole brings back so much nostalgia…I miss it! Your family is going to love this dish too!



Albacore Tuna Stir Fry

Albacore Tuna Stir Fry  –  You’ve never had canned tuna like this before! Juicy albacore tuna paired with flavorful veggies creates the perfect healthy meal! Serve over rice for a complete dinner that the whole family will love. Who needs takeout when you can have a restaurant style dish on the table in 15 minutes?!




Tuna Potato Salad With Dill Buttermilk Dressing –  This isn’t your basic tuna salad recipe! The texture of the tuna and potatoes is a match that was meant to happen. Juicy tuna, savory potatoes, snappy green beans, and fresh herbs…one bite and this will be your new favorite!




Old-Fashioned Tuna Salad – I know I promised a collection of unique tuna recipes, but how could we put together a post about canned tuna without a classic tuna salad recipe? This is just the way that your grandma used to make, with just the essential ingredients: tuna, mayo, celery, onion, relish, and a little salt and pepper.

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up basic tuna salad sandwiches, try these easy ideas:

  • Add cheese and grill to make decadent tuna melt sandwiches.
  • Make lettuce wraps for a low carb meal.
  • Serve over half an avocado or a tomato – tuna stuffed avocados are one of my favorite quick health lunches!


Tuna Ranch Celery Sticks with Nutritious Toppings


Tuna Ranch Celery Sticks – Need to have a healthy snack or meal? Find out how simple it is to make this tasty dish. Perfect for on-the-go snacking when you don’t want junk food!


Paleo Sweet Potato Tuna Cakes – The sweetness from the potatoes are not to be missed. Pair that with the flaky tuna, and you’ve got a hit on your hands. 



Tuna Pasta Salad  – Take pasta salad to the next level by adding a serving of tasty lean protein. You can make this flavorful dish using an Instant Pot if you have one!


Creamy Tuna Egg Pasta Salad

Creamy Tuna Egg Pasta Salad – This easy egg pasta salad is perfect for a picnic or a summer lunch. The eggs and mayo combine to make a creamy dressing for the tuna that is so craveable!


Tuna Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Tuna Stuffed Zucchini Boats – This is an excellent way to use up fresh zucchini from the garden! It’s low in carbs and full of flavor, with two kinds of melty cheese!


tuna burgers
Easy Tuna Burgers – Skip the red meat and try these flavor-packed tuna patties instead! This is the perfect dinner to make during Lent or for a healthy switch-up! You won’t believe how tasty they are!


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